My Service


Text instructions | is my wiki/docs page, where I have provided tutorials for Linux as well as Windows. These are to ensure that installations run smoothly by providing clear providing clear steps.

Full Stack

GitHub | serves as my portfolio for my projects, to make them accessible to both Companies as well as private initiatives. I value open source projects and like to get involved in them.


Linktree | is a website created by me using HTML, CSS and JS. The purpose of this site is to present all my Social Media channels on a single platform. Although I could have used the service of Linktree, I decided against it, because I didn't like the existing designs and I preferred and I preferred a custom solution.


Ingame commands | is a page created by me, on which I provide frequently used commands, but which are not always available immediately available or where it can be difficult to find the right commands. to find the right commands.

For companies

Full Stack | is a renowned transport company, which specializes in the shipment of goods and ensures the highest safety standards for the transportation of its cargoes.

For networks

Full Stack | is a leading gaming network with special specialization on Minecraft servers. Additionally it offers a wide range of other gaming servers as subcategories, to enable common gaming and ventures within the lively community.

Full Stack | was a former Minecraft network, which was created for a community. was created. Unfortunately, the community disbanded community disbanded after a while, as both the time available and the interest and the interest in the project decreased.